Roosa; a lady lover, an escapist, half Finnish and half Greek, 21 years old.

I'm a dreamer and a wanderer -

I really adore life.

On YouTube I go by the name Maria Gazis. I make videos of me singing and stuff.

I'm a fan of lots of people but my main loves are Céline Dion and Meryl Streep.

I love things like old Hollywood, all things vintage, jazz, fashion, politics, movies, theatre, music and books. I get caught by things that please my aesthetic eye.

OTP is MirAndy.

I sing and write. I love my amazing girlfriend, traveling, the changing of seasons, adventures, different forms of art and city lights.

I dream about New York City and having a career as a singer and an actress. In the future I'd also like to publish some writing of mine.

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